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The Sunburn Full Movie Download In Hindi

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646f9e108c After a rich old man dies in a suspicious car accident in Acapulco, his widow wants his insurance company to pony up five million dollars. A hotshot investigator Decker (Charles Grodin) and a charming model (Farrah Fawcett) come in to check it out.
Despite being labeled as a comedy, &quot;Sunburn&quot; really isn&#39;t one - its aim seems to be a light-hearted mystery. But there really isn&#39;t much mystery in this movie - much of the footage is more or less padding. I started to grow impatient as the movie progressed. I didn&#39;t find any of the going-ons amusing in any way. Also, there is some very bad editing that really sticks out like a sore thumb.<br/><br/>I was prepared to hate F.F.&#39;s performance, but I was surprised. She isn&#39;t great, but her acting is a lot better than you&#39;d think. And it&#39;s nice that her character isn&#39;t the expected bubblehead, but someone with average intelligence, and isn&#39;t a screaming wimp. However, the romantic pairing of F.F. and C.G. is one of the strangest and most unlikely pairings in motion picture history!
I actually bought the VHS of this movie strictly in order to watch Farrah&#39;s (alas, all-too-brief) scuba scene about one-third through. (I hope there is a DVD in the works; the VHS of this scene is rather grainy.) Watching her swim in that French-cut white shorty is a treat for any guy, especially a diver like myself. Also, for aficionados of &quot;only-in-a-Hollywood-movie&quot; moments, it belongs right up there.<br/><br/>Farrah signs up for a scuba diving class so she can surreptitiously board a suspicious yacht anchored in Acapulco Bay. After donning the jaw-dropping wet suit, we see her hoisting her tank onto her back by herself. Hey, all I can say is, if that were any scuba group that I have ever been a part of - and an unaccompanied woman built like her showed up wearing THAT wet suit - the guys would be tripping over each other to say, &quot;Let ME give you a hand with that, ma&#39;am, and by the way, do you need a dive buddy?&quot; <br/><br/>Which leads to the next problem. Once underwater, Farrah manages to slip away unseen from the rest of the group in order to swim to the aforesaid yacht. Like I said, riiiiggght…..With every male eye in the group fastened on her, the chances of that happening are somewhere south of zero.<br/><br/>Only in Hollywood, of course. Memo to Farrah: being undercover means NOT calling attention to yourself. Next time, wear an ill-fitting black wetsuit, or better yet, a full dry-suit. Nobody will give you a second look.

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